The journey starts with an idea

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.

– M.C. Escher

And the bold shall inherit the Earth (or at least design it).

We all know innovation requires a shift in our thinking and trying out ideas that others may not have thought of before. It requires courage and trying something bold. Think different. It requires putting something out there that a lot of people are going to disagree with and find utterly stupid. It’s okay though; have faith in your process. And, while you’re at it, challenge those idiots’ assumptions about why something has to be or can’t be any other way.

I love design. Moreover, I love innovative design. I love helping people become better designers. I am also very passionate about user-centered thinking and design. I want to use this blog to explore topics such as design thinking, innovation, and product discovery. If you stick with me, you’ll see examples of all this, and I hope to get to learn from you about your experiences as well.

Now, a little bit about me, I’m a recovering academic who has found his calling as a UX designer & user researcher. Many of my examples & stories will be drawn from that perspective. If that’s a problem, sorry for you. 🙂 Nonetheless, I’m hoping many of these ideas will be applicable beyond software design.

To return, to the quote above from M. C. Escher. Attempt the absurd. Achieve the impossible. Escher’s work personifies innovation. Escher personifies innovation to the point of forcing that shift so that the viewer become innovators in his work. One of my favorites is “Drawing Hands:”

Courtesy of

It is a self-reflexive image of two hands drawing each other. The moral is that though we innovate, we are changed by that same innovation to see new possibilities we haven’t seen before. Our path is shaped by the journey we take.

Let’s see where this path leads us…